June 2014 CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter Spotlight - Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

This month's spotlight is on the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans. The Sewerage and Water Board, through General Superintendent Joseph R. Becker, PE, and his technical staff, have provided consistent support to the CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter. This support has been through attending the Chapter's monthly Professional Development sessions, hosting several of these sessions, and participation in the Chapter's Annual Infrastructure Conference. Recently, the Sewerage and Water Board has become the Chapter's first local owner member, a significant milestone for the Gulf Coast Chapter. We applaud the Sewerage and Water Board in this decision and in recognizing the significant value that construction management, program management and project management add to the construction delivery process, from conception to ongoing operation. This is especially exciting for the Sewerage and Water Board as it embarks on its first alternative delivery project (design-build), continue several ongoing Hurricane Katrina recovery programs, and moves toward the execution and delivery of a significant number of capital projects over the next few years.

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