February 2013 CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter Spotlight - Jessi Stephens

Jessi Wood Stephens

Jessi Wood Stephens, valued employee of Vanir Construction Management, is truly the unsung hero of the CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter.  From the early days in 2009 when we began exploring the possibility of chartering a local chapter, Jessi has provided support in logistics, contacts, write-ups, liaison with CMAA National, establishing activities of the Board and Officers, and other matters too numerous to name.  Jessi’s passion for event planning has shown through in her expert organization of many of the Chapter’s events over the past three years.  Jessi’s enthusiasm and commitment to the Gulf Coast Chapter is contagious, and she brings an energetic and fresh perspective to the Chapter. Jessi’s energy has been vital to our growth and progress.  Although not an official CMAA member, Jessi is much more knowledgeable and involved than most members—and has been essential to the Chapter’s success!

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