Announcing our 2013-2014 Officers

The Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), Gulf Coast Chapter (GCC), 2013-2014 Officer election voting results are in.  As Chairman of the Succession Committee of the CMAA GCC Board of Directors, it is with great honor that I announce our newly elected Officers:

Mr. Al Ewton - President-Elect

Mr. Jonathan Charbonnet - Vice-President-Elect

Mr. John Haarala - Treasurer-Elect

Mr. Ed Stanley - Secretary-Elect

Please join me in welcoming these Officers to their new posts.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Lisa Cookmeyer, the outgoing CMAA GCC President.  Lisa has served the office with true dedication to advancing Construction Management in the Gulf Coast area and tireless commitment to the Gulf Coast Chapter.  Lisa’s leadership is truly appreciated and we look forward to her continued guidance in her new position as Past-President on the GCC Board of Directors.

Once again, congratulations to all the newly elected 2013-2014 Officers of the CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter.

Steven D. McGill, CCM
Chairman, Succession Committee
CMAA GCC Board of Directors

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A Message From Steve McGill - 2013-2014 CMAA GCC Officers Nominations

CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter Members,

It is time for all Gulf Coast Chapter CMAA members in good standing to participate in the nomination of our 2013-2014 Gulf Coast Chapter Officers.  As Chairman of the Succession Committee I have personally communicated with each of our nominees, all are excited about the bright future of our “2013 Chapter of the Year” award winning chapter.  Annual nominations and subsequent elections for all chapters are required to be completed prior to the first week of November. Article IV-Membership and Voting Section 3. Payment of Dues, defines good standing as ”Any member who has paid in full all current dues levied by CMAA and is located in the assigned geographical area ....”. As a recipient of this email you are in the Gulf Coast Chapter’s assigned geographical area and, if current in your dues to CMAA National, you are entitled to and strongly encouraged to exercise your right to volunteer for an office or nominate someone for office.

Currently, the following slate of officers are put forth for your consideration:

Gulf Coast Chapter President - Mr. Al Ewton

Gulf Coast Chapter Vice-President - Mr. Jonathan Charbonnet

Gulf Coast Chapter Treasurer - Mr. John Haarala

Gulf Coast Chapter Secretary - Mr. Ed Stanley

Please send any new nominations to [email protected]. It is requested that your nominations be received by close of business 5:00 PM Central Daylight Time Friday August 9th 2013.

If you have not done so already, I encourage you to sign up to participate on one of our Chapter’s committees. Your committee participation will help our Chapter continue to grow and make a positive influence in our industry. Please take a moment to sign up for the Gulf Coast Chapters 2nd Annual New Orleans Infrastructure Conference to be held on Friday, August 23rd 2013 from 7:30 AM to 1:00 PM, details can be found here or by going to

Thank you all,


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July 2013 CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter Spotlight - Nick Wall

Nick Wall

Nick was the Lead Office/Project Controls Engineer with Parson Brinckerhoff in conjunction with the LaDOTD’s Huey P. Long Bridge Widening Project and serves  on the Board of Directors as the Technology Support Committee Chair for the CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter.  Nick has been involved with the Chapter since its inception and has been instrumental in developing and providing the “public face” of the Chapter through its website and social media outlets which include Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Nick is also a talented and accomplished photographer and has provided his photography talents to the Chapter on many occasions. Most of the photographs seen on our website are the result of Nick’s efforts, at lease the good ones are! Whether posting about an event on Facebook, photographing an event for us or developing a new look or feature for the Chapter website, Nick is always on top of things, responsive and supportive to all Chapter officers and committees. His “behind the scenes” efforts have played a significant part in the success of the Chapter as it continues to grow.  Congratulations Nick, you greatly deserve the honor of Spotlight Member!

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June 2013 CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter Spotlight - Justin Cain

Justin Cain

Justin Cain, member of the CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter Board of Directors and CMAA Golf Committee Chairman for the Board, is a valued employee of the McDonnell Group.  Justin was instrumental in launching the 1st Annual CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter Charity Golf Tournament held in April at Lakewood Golf Course in New Orleans.    Through his hard work and dedication, the inaugural tournament raised over $2,800 of proceeds for the CMAA Scholarship Fund.   Now the bench mark has been set high and next year we expect an even larger and more successful tournament.   With Justin’s tireless commitment to the CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter,  we look forward to more success in the future.

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February 2013 CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter Spotlight - Jessi Stephens

Jessi Wood Stephens

Jessi Wood Stephens, valued employee of Vanir Construction Management, is truly the unsung hero of the CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter.  From the early days in 2009 when we began exploring the possibility of chartering a local chapter, Jessi has provided support in logistics, contacts, write-ups, liaison with CMAA National, establishing activities of the Board and Officers, and other matters too numerous to name.  Jessi’s passion for event planning has shown through in her expert organization of many of the Chapter’s events over the past three years.  Jessi’s enthusiasm and commitment to the Gulf Coast Chapter is contagious, and she brings an energetic and fresh perspective to the Chapter. Jessi’s energy has been vital to our growth and progress.  Although not an official CMAA member, Jessi is much more knowledgeable and involved than most members—and has been essential to the Chapter’s success!

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